Boundless Journey, Endless Party

iyooyoo, specialises in organising family holidays

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Travel Together, Growing Up Together

Travel, an experience of acquaintance

Travel, an experience of growing up

Travel, an experience of getting together

Fly high

Fly far

From the hot air balloon

Looking down

Grass looks like blue sky and the flowers looks as clouds

——Yiran, 11 years old, in Masai Mara

Ms. Shen, Professor of Fudan University:

African animals, African tribes, sports, culture, headquarter of UN, bush breakfest and hot air balloon. Amazing trip by amazing iyooyoo. The journey was great. iyooyoo is definitly specialist at family trips.

Mr.Li, Famous investor:

The journey was wonderful. We meet all big five. My son and I both enjoyed the journey. We will definitly come back again.

Ms.Meimei, mother of 9 years old boy:

When you walk trough the forest, it seems that you are a noble who wearing bubble skirt and feather hat. Kids chase giraffes and zebras after bush breakfast. They were definitly enjoying themselves.