Fantastic Switzerland Summer Vacation

  • Experience Switzerland panoramic train, Golden Express and Angel Express.
  • Visit 3 most child-friendly museums, Museum of Transportation, Olympic Museum and Food Museum.
  • Stay and hang out in Gstaad, the most traditional and luxury resort in Switzerland.
  • Take panoramic cable to the peak of Mountain Titlis
  • Visit 2 World Heritages, Old City of Berne and Lavaux, Vineyard Terraces

Davos ยท First Skiing Experience with kids

  • Start first skiing experience with kids in Davos, one of the most famous skiing resorts.
  • Whole stay in Hilton Hotel in Davos and Zurich with breakfast and dinner.
  • Shuttle bus between cities is supplied for easy transportation.
  • Official reception and introduction of Davos Tourism Board.

Shikoku & Kyushu, Japan

Finding Anpanman in Shikoku

  • Enjoy hot spring in family cottage in the forrest
  • Take the Anpanman Themed Train, sailing and fishing
  • Try to make Japanese traditional noodle by yourself
  • Enjoy classical artworks by Japan most famous artists in Naoshima Island

Exploring Iya mysterious land in Shikoku

  • Explore and enjoy hot spring in the most mysterious land in Japan
  • Take sakura-watching train
  • Enjoy classical artworks by Japan most famous artists in Naoshima Island

Romantic sakura journey in Kyushu

  • Enjoy beautiful sakura in peaceful Kirishima Island
  • Taste Japanese local food on the moving Orange Train
  • Romantic experience of sea, hot spring, sakura and tasty food

Malta & Sicilia Island,Italy

sunshine of the Med,Malta and Sicilia Journey

  • Malta is a heaven besides the Med, with 7000-year amazing history, sunshine and beautiful beach
  • Deep experience to the pearl of Italy, Sicilia Island, and find your beautiful story of Sicilia.


Aurora exploring journey in Finland

  • Stay in the Glass Igloo Hotel, watching Aurora on the bed
  • Experience various activities, dog and reindeer sled, ice sculpture lesson, forest skiing, etc.
  • Take Sampo icebreaker Cruise
  • Visit best design studio in Finland with kids

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Huahin, Thailand