iyooyoo: Leading expert in family holidays

Partner with us as we pave the way in developing China's current tourism market

Professional tourism consultants and the best Chinese tour guiding service

We understand what luxury is:

Based in Shanghai, iyooyoo has rich experience in providing a quality service for its clitents. Our amazing Kenya package has a 5-star customer satisfaction record. At iyooyo, we know exactly what our tourists want and how to provide high-end travel experiences to satisfy their every need.

Tailoring experiences to suit you

We have successfully developed unique tours in places such as Kenya, Japan, Switzerland, Malta, Finland and Mexico. Our work at iyooyoo involves thorough research of prospective destinations and careful package design before we offer trips to our clients.


Partnerships with top universitites and language schools, such as FDU and SHNU.

Our tour guides are trained specifically to meet the needs of Chinese tourists.

We coordinate with airlines, DMC and leading travel writers on social media.

We work with embassies & consulates and provide support in preparing all necessary travel documentation.

Consultation service

Professional tourism consultants with specialist knowledge of the Chinese tourism market. We facilitate understanding of current market trends and assist in developing marketing strategies. We have already developed a number of travel partnerships in China and regularly participate in travel fairs and forums.

We provide impeccably-trained Chinese tour guides and operation staff.

We work to promote and further the development of the tourism industry in China.

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